Thursday, 15 June 2017

Expand to Africa

Emerging countries are now playing a greater role in the global economy. There is a rapidly growing economic and commercial relationship between India and South Africa. Hardly a week passes by without us hearing about a new investment decision, either by a South African company in India or an Indian company in South Africa. The relationship has not reached a plateau.

Now almost 110 substantial Indian companies doing business in South Africa and India is forecast to be the world's fastest growing economy over the period of 2025. The country is already Asia's third largest economy (Fourth largest in purchasing power parity terms). In terms of incoming foreign direct investment, India ranked Second in Asia, after China. What is driving the growth of India? The significant increase in foreign investment into India increased domestic spending consumer spending. Global opportunities for Indian corporate.
Economic reforms have resulted in a big increase in the size of the Indian middle class. It's unprecedented. India will be a winner because of democracy, sustainability, and the demographic dividend young population younger than China's. the Indian economy continues to grow because of the spirit of entrepreneurship found in many parts of the country. South Africa is enjoying a special relationship with India. South Africa currently ranks number two in the list of African exporters to India. Nigeria is in the first place and Angola is third. In fourth lies the Republic on Congo while fifth place is taken by Tanzania.

India has become the 6th largest trading partner to the South Africa in Asia region. With the bilateral trade of more than US$2 billion in a year, both nations have entered into the new era of trade. South Africa has entered into many different types of co-operation agreements with India, which is covering the various sectors of technology, telecommunications and small business enterprises(SMEs). With the India's Association, the South Africa has set up the 'India-South African Commercial Alliance' and has established a center for facilitating the consultations on the ministerial level for the political and economic matters. South Africa has also adopted the 'New Delhi Agenda for Cooperation', a south-south cooperation agreement with the India and Brazil. The agreement will allow all the 3 countries to discuss and share their opportunities, achievements, and experiences.

MARKETNEXT is organizing a business meet where we will conduct seminars and events for businesses to go global by bringing them in touch with different companies in Africa and India with suitable markets.
The meet is intended to help participants to learn the South African market and to connect with potential partners, stakeholders, investors, marketing associates, distributors and clients

We are also providing you with an unparalleled room that exhibits dealership, distribution, and investment. It also caters to an excellent dais to franchise your business in South Africa. Companies from India will get the leisure to present their business in South Africa through our professional benefactor. Which will thereby help you bridge in the right ecosystem. 

All selective delegates will get an opportunity to splash their outlook in the round table conference. Which will consists of prospective High Network Personage, Investors from South Africa, Decision makers and the Royal family members of South Africa.

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