Friday, 24 February 2017

Technology Services and its authorised partners offers a wide range of technology Services which includes the following.

Web Design

Get Stunning Designs For The Perfect Website
These days, a fantastically designed website is no longer an option but a prerequisite for a business looking to enter and find success in the online world. can help you enter this world of opportunities through our topnotch website designing services.

Cloud CRM

At this point most of us are or have become very familiar with what CRM is. Cloud computing and cloud software is emerging as a key player in the market, which is allowing more and more CRM solutions to pop up and give users access to their servers. This is becoming an alternative to accessing one’s own business server

Email Solutions

Whatever the size of your organization, IFS can help host your entire corporate email network, including ensuring high performance of email services, training users, ensuring corporate and legal compliance, securing virus protection, filtering spam mail, and protecting emails from security threats.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is continually receiving intense popularity among the digital marketing specialize since it’s seemingly to be the new big tools to go crazy about.

Expaliner Videos

The Explainer networks are the group of companies that started using short animated videos to explain the products, services, and ideas for people.Explainer video makes the people to understand a concept by breaking down the complex idea and educates in a short form.


SMO. Some call it social media optimization. Others refer to it as search marketing optimization. Either way, it is the next wave of online marketing, the perfect marriage between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.

IT Consulting

Marketnext Professional and Consulting Services offer the expertise and skills to help your organization deliver IT projects that span the entire application life cycle. Our Professional services provide a unique combination of  industry-leading technology and proven processes.


The Best Web Hosting Services
Every business, even if it has just one employee, needs a website. A company without a website is leaving serious money on the table, because an attractive and informative Web presence is a key asset for drawing in potential clients or customers.

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